Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Age 2009

We are covered in a layer of ice. Kentucky has been declared a state of emergency. 600,000 homes have been without power. This poor little bird was sitting on my porch during the worst of the storm.
View from my dinning room window

Our power went out before 9 on Tuesday morning. We stayed put until about 4 that afternoon. We left for town 10 miles away where my mother still had power. We were very lucky because before the freezing rain stopped much later that night 90 percent of our county had lost power.

Ice covered pine trees

This is how it looked as we drove into town. Ice was covering everything. Trees were across the road in several places. Some limbs even fell in the road just in front of us. Thank heavens we made it safely.

Holly shrubs outside my mothers house

Everything in sight is covered with about 1/2 inch layer of ice

We went home on day three to check on things. The national guard was working to clean up the limbs that had fallen across the road and cut others that had fallen across power lines. Thanks guys.

When we returned home our yard was covered with many large fallen limbs. These are the Pin Oak trees in our yard. There are five of them. The front ones have heavy damage but luckily no limbs fell on our house.

Today is our fourth day away from home. Daughters 2 and 3 also have no power so they have joined us at my mothers house. Daughter 1 has been in South Beach (don't you hate that).My mother has taken in 6 extra people and 3 dogs. Bless her heart. We are warm and have plenty to eat so we are lucky. The word is that the power may not be restored for days or in some places even weeks. Everyone returned to work today except for me. Who knows when school will resume. Today is clear and sunny but there is more snow in the forecast. I'm just enjoying being with my family. I guess the Super Bowl Party is going to change locations.

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