Monday, May 25, 2009

Chipster-Topped Brownies

After a two week absence chocolate returns to the lineup at Tuesdays with Dorie. This weeks recipe is Chipster-Topped Brownies and it was chosen by Beth of Supplicious.

For this recipe Dorie has combined two classic snacks. The bottom layer is a super chocolate fudge brownie and the top is a chocolate chip cookie layer. The two cook up together to form a realy great tasting treat. The cookie layer became a little crispy during cooking. It made the top layer crack slighty when you cut them. This didn't hurt the taste of these brownies at all. They are delicious.

I served these at a cookout this weekend and everyone loved them. The only problem was trying to stay out of the leftovers. Beware make sure you cut these in small pieces. It's hard to eat just one.


Hornedfroggy said...

Yum! I loved these, too - and I LOVE your jadite cake stand!! Where did you get it?? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your brownie - it's nice and thick! =)

The greenery looks really pretty in the background with your cake stand.

TeaLady said...

They were very rich, sweet, and delicious. Baby pieces. Baby pieces.

Great looking brownies.