Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TWD Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat. Nothing says summer like a bowl of sweet creamy ice cream. Thank you Dorie for changing the way I make ice cream and thank you to Lynne of Cafe LynnyLu for choosing Vanilla Ice Cream for our recipe this week. I used to bring out the big old fashioned freezer, salt, and lots of ice. I used a recipe that didn't require cooking but it didn't have the rich flavor that this ice cream does either.
I have made this ice cream four times in the last month. It's really easy to make, just be sure to give it plenty of chilling time. I like to let the custard mixture chill overnight. Then it takes about 20 minutes to freeze in the ice cream maker. It also needs to chill out in the freezer for several hours before it's ready to eat.
I have made vanilla, banana, and this week I used fresh blackberries. All have been delicious. It's also yummy when served with blackberry cobbler.


chocolatechic said...

This was fabulous ice cream.

I have never had better.

Hornedfroggy said...

Yummy! Love the tray setup! :)

Jessica said...

Delicious! Vanilla ice cream with cobbler of any sort is a definite must as far as I'm concerned!

margot said...

Great presentation! Blackberry ice cream sounds wonderful!