Monday, August 3, 2009

Banana Bundt Cake

This week's TWD recipe is Banana Bundt Cake. (this is being written my wonderful husband because I "have no energy and am worn out!") Really, my wife just started back to school this week and is tired from the change of schedule. So, I volunteered to post for her. I have no idea how she made this, but I do know that it TASTES GOOD! Reminds me of banana nut bread, which she also deliciously makes.

Slice of Cake....what else can I say? I said how good it tastes, didn't I? Hopefully she returns next week!


Tracey said...

How sweet of you to post for your wife! The cake is gorgeous!

TeaLady said...

NIce to have a 'ghost' writer for the blog.

Cake looks great. And, yes, it was delicious.

Anonymous said...

The cake looks great and your husband liked it - what more can you ask for?